Ink Tank System/Continuous Ink Supply Sysmtem(CISS) and How it Works

An Ink Tank System or Continuous Ink Supply System(CISS) for inkjet printers consists of an external refillable ink tank (one for each color) which continuously feeds ink to the print head via a multi-channel tube. The attraction of the system is due to the fact that the ink supply is huge and the ink is comparatively cheaper than refills or replacing cartridges. CISS is extremely cost effective and drastically reduces the cost of printer consumables. The Ink Tank System can be installed most Inkjet printers.

Ink Tank System Components:

  1. A multi-channel tube that transfers ink from the ink tank to the print head.
  2. Four ink tanks - one for each color.
  3. Modified OEM ink cartridges.
  4. IC chips that defeat the OEM cartridge detection system.

Small air bubbles are automatically removed from the tube by returning the ink back to the ink tank.


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