Here are frequently asked questions about CISS(Continuous Ink Supply System) or an Ink Tank System.


1.     Q: Can you install an Ink Tank System on my printer ?

        A: The system can be installed on most makes and models of Inkjet printers.


2.     Q: How long does it take to install ?

         A: It can be installed in less than an hour - depending on the make and model of the printer.


3.     Q : How much ink does the Ink Tank System hold ?

         A: 400 ml - 1 liter - depending on the Ink Tank System best suited for your printer.


4.     Q: How do I refill the Ink Tank System ?

         A: Call us when you see you are running low on ink and we will come and fill it for you and ensure that everything is running smoothly, we will also clean and do maintenance on the printer if necessary.


5.     Q: How often do I have to refill the Ink tank ?

         A: That depends on entirely on the model of Ink Tank and the number of pages printed.


6.     Q: What happens if there is a problem with the printer and I need to send it in for repairs?

         A: We will give you a replacement printer free of charge until your printer is returned to you.


7.     Q: Why should I use the Ink Tank System as apposed to compatible ink cartridges?

         A: Compatible ink cartridges have a tendency to block the nozzle of the ink head, we, therefore provide free regular maintenance and service to prevent this from happening


 Please don't hesitate to contact us for further questions.