CISS installed on printer   


What is CISS(Continuous Ink Supply System) or an Ink Tank System


     The first Ink Tank System or Continuous Ink Supply System(CISS) was marketed in 1993-94.  An Ink Tank System or Continuous Ink Supply System(CISS) is the preferred method for delivering large volumes of ink to a comparatively small inkjet print head.
     Also, it is one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of printing using inkjet printers. Many professional grade printers and businesses have opted for an Ink Tank System to increase printing capacity. Using CISS is very beneficial for those who print frequently and in large quantities, such as color copying, instant printing of digital media, printing photos, posters and other promotional materials.


     The principle behind how the CISS works is fairly simple.  The device consists of an ink tank that is connected to the ink cartridges via a multi-channel silicone tube. This ink tank holds ink that is identical in color and performance to the original ink brand.  The unit is built like a Mariotte bottle(the tank constantly feeds ink to the ink cartridges when printing).  


Here are advantages of CISS 
    • CISS increased printer performance.
    • High stability of print quality.
    • Higher ink capacity and page yield than OEM cartridges.
    • CISS is extremely cost effective.
    • Low cost of ink - significantly lower per mm than OEM cartridges.
    • CISS reduces the cost of printing consumables by up to 70 % in certain cases.
    • CISS significantly lower cost per printed page.
    • Continuous printing of large print jobs without the risk of stopping to replace an empty ink cartridge.
    • CISS has ability to refill ink tanks with different colors -  separately.
    • CISS eliminate cartridge purchases and messy refills.


     We have an option to  rent a printer with CISS from us so that you don't have to worry about installation, refilling ink and maintenance.   It is ideal for schools, accountants, lawyers, doctors or any business that does a high volume of printing.  
    Alternatively you can buy the CISS and install on your existing printer as the Ink Tank System or CISS can be installed on most inkjet printers. .


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